Christopher_sailMeet Christopher, a graduate of the Class of 2007. Today, Christopher is in the 7th grade at McClure Junior High School. Prior to the required newborn hearing screenings, many babies were tested in their pediatrician’s offices. Although he was tested, he was not diagnosed with a hearing loss until he was nearly two. He began wearing hearing aids within a few weeks. Shortly after, a friend of the family mentioned Child’s Voice to Christopher’s mother, . The Nelson family visited Child’s Voice just as it was settling into its new home (the current location at 180 Hansen Court).

Christopher_2007Christopher joined Child’s Voice in the fall of 2003 at the age of 3. Laurie, Christopher’s mom, shared, “I will never forget that day. Here was this little guy, in a huge stretch limo being driven to a school he would attend for as many hours a day as a middle-schooler!”

While at Child’s Voice, Christopher and his family attended many events including the Thanksgiving dinners, Grandfriends luncheon, holiday concert and Recognition Ceremonies. He joined AHIHA (American Hearing Impaired Hockey Association) with a number of his Child’s Voice classmates and even met some players and Coach Queenville!

Christopher_hockeyCChristopher loves basketball, plays on a traveling team and will be trying out for the school team this year too. He also enjoys reading, playing video games, and riding his bike with his parents. More recently, he has developed a love for sailing and fishing!

Christopher transitioned into the 1st grade in 2007 and has had great success. He benefitted from the self-advocacy group and is very self-sufficient in management and care of his devices as well as advocating for himself at school regarding his FM system, etc.

When asked what difference Child’s Voice made in their lives, Laurie had this say.
“Are you kidding!? They made every bit of difference. When we first learned that we had a “special needs” kid and he would have to wear hearing aids all of his life, we worried about the impact that all of this would have on his social, emotional and educational development. Now, it’s a no-brainer. I thank God for technology, which keeps getting better year after year; I thank God for Ginger, my sister’s friend who had suggested Child’s Voice; every year at Christopher’s annual IEP meeting, I cry and thank Noreen Florek for letting Christopher attend Child’s Voice. He’s just a kid, like every other kid on our block, and we thank God and Child’s Voice for that.”