Adalie2_Jan2014Adalie was diagnosed at birth with a mild – moderate hearing loss. Kersten, Adalie’s mom, shared that it has been an emotional journey and she has been very grateful for the support and services Adalie received through the Early Intervention Program.

Here is a recent note from Adalie’s parents…
“Neal and I want to take a special moment to extend our sincerest ‘thank you’s’ to the care team that has gotten us to the meeting we had last night. Neal and I could not have been prouder to sit there and listen to you all talk about our little Adalie the way you did with EI and the district folks present–and we could not have been happier to hear that she has progressed the way she has and achieving the goal we knew she could hit– a 0% delay in expressive and receptive language. We could not have asked for a better meeting and evaluation (and gift for the holiday season!).

One year ago, we thought this was a far stretch and you all remember conversations we had with us feeling guilty at times for setting such a high standard– but we knew from the minute she was born that she could hit it. It’s amazing to hear the impact that you all have had and the development you have seen, and that Linda (and Miles and Lia and grandma/grandpa, etc.)…have had on her continued learning every day. We owe you so much.

Adalie_Jan2014So honestly, thank you all– for all that you guys have done and taught us. Adalie’s a pretty awesome little girl. We look forward to this next 6 months+– with continuing with her goals alongside you guys, and setting her up for success in preschool and beyond!!”
Kersten also shared that for Christmas in 2013, all she wanted was to hear Adalie say, “Mama.” Today Adalie is speaking in full sentences and set to begin at a local preschool in May, fully integrated with her hearing peers!

Congratulations Adalie, Kersten, and Neal! We’re so thrilled to hear how well Adalie is doing and look forward to hearing more from her soon!