Over 150 golfers gathered to network, golf, and change the lives of children with hearing loss on July 10, 2018.  The MBBI (Midwest BusinesMBBI golf tournaments Brokers & Intermediaries) Association held their annual golf tournament for their Illinois and Wisconsin chapters.  Held at Hawk’s View Golf Club in Lake Geneva, Wis., this Tournament partners with Child’s Voice to change the lives of children with hearing loss and their families.

Child’s Voice helps children with hearing loss learn to listen and speak. Students wear hearing aids and/or cochlear implants and programs use a child-focused, research-based curriculum, all with the end goal of transitioning graduates back to their neighborhood schools. This year, Child’s Voice has supported nearly 400 children and their families. Students range in age from just a few days old through the age of 8.

Abby Lewis at MBBI golf tournament

“This group is incredibly special,” stated Dr. Michele Wilkins, Child’s Voice Executive Director. “For five years, we have been thrilled to partner with MBBI.  This year, they truly exceeded any past successes and more than doubled the funds raised. What is really incredible about this group, is their passion and understanding of the mission of Child’s Voice.  When 150 individuals stood to show their appreciation of our alumna speaker, who is only 10 years old, you could feel their awe at this young woman’s achievements.  We couldn’t ask for better partners and are grateful for the hundreds of lives their support has affected.”

Abby Lewis, Class of 2014, gave a remarkable speech about her hearing loss, her time spent at Child’s Voice, and about her success in her mainstream school in Barrington.  Abby is a shining example of the great work the staff at Child’s Voice focuses on each and every day.   To view Abby’s speech, please Click Here.