March madness means COLLEGE BASKETBALL to most, but to me it really means BUSY madness. How we arrived in March already is beyond me. What happened to January and February?? OH, wait, I remember, we were buried in snow! Hmmm…seems to be a consistent thing lately.

This is a super busy time of year and it only gets busier with each passing month. At school, we hold staff evaluations. This had Rollen, Laura, Wendy, Melissa and I holding pre-conferences, doing observations and holding post-conferences. Truly not an easy task. We also scheduled in parent observations and a handful of IEPs (meetings to discuss student goals and needs each year with families and school districts).

We are implementing a new assessment instrument that Principal Wendy adapted from the state wide model of Charlotte Danielson’s “Enhancing Professional Practice: A Framework for Teaching”. New to us all. Part of this instrument involves each professional building an ‘artifact’ binder that provides evidence of Domain 1: Planning and Preparation and Domain 2: Professional Responsibilities. As much as the staff may not have liked this activity it was wonderful to read their input. Busy, busy, busy!

There are many marks of excellence Child’s Voice adheres to – this assessment is another. Our staff’s abilities are truly exemplary in our field. They set the standard to which others try to achieve. We are very proud of this fact.

Shortly, the programs will close for spring break. Please note, we are closed on March 27th with everyone returning on April 7th. Once we return we hold parent teacher conferences, more IEPs and celebrate our families at our Family Reunion on April 18th. We will see you there! Before you blink, you will be wiping tears away as you listen to graduation speeches on May 22nd. And then its summer. YIKES!

I feel March is the just the beginning of the madness! But what wonderful madness it is! Hope your college team wins.