Getting Ready for the Mainstream

Is your child getting ready to enter their mainstream for the first time in the fall?Students enjoying school

Is your child transitioning to a new mainstream school in the fall?

But these transitions aren’t just for our students as they move from Child’s Voice to the mainstream. Any transition can be challenging whether it is between grade levels, from elementary to middle, middle to high school or in a new school district if your family relocates.

Here are some simple suggestion for your child’s transition…

  • Meet with the School Principal or Special Education Coordinator.
    • Introduce yourself.
    • Discuss your child and their strengths and needs.
    • Share any concerns you may have.
  • Tour the school
    • Tour the school with your child, if possible.
    • Help your child familiarize themselves with the new environment by pointing out areas they will be attending (art class, music room, the gym, lunchroom, etc.).
  • Talk to other parents.
    • Find parents at the park, the pool, summer sporting activities, etc.  Introduce yourself and your child.
    • Talk to them about the “in’s and out’s” of the school.
    • Find out about the Parent Association or similar group.
  • Introduce your child to other children in the school
    • Find children at the park, the pool, sporting groups, etc. and introduce your child.
    • If they go to the same school, build relationships so your child will be seeing familiar faces.
    • Consider joining activities through the summer through the park district and other groups to meet children in the area.

Building relationships can truly help lessen a child’s concerns about starting in the mainstream.  Making friends through the community prior to the start of school can help with this.


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