Reading is a process, and once students have the knowledge of letters and letter sounds, they can start to decode on their own.  When your child is reading independently, it is important for them to have a process for sounding out “tricky words”.  Here are some strategies you can practice at home:

  1. Start to say the first sound in the word. Get your mouth ready for the first sound.
  2. Stretch out the sounds slowly.
  3. Look at the picture for clues.
  4. Look for parts or chunks of the word you know.
  5. Skip over the word, finish the sentence, and re-read.
  6. Think about the meaning of the story.


The most important thing is for the story to make sense.  If your child reads a word incorrectly, you can read it back to them the same way and ask them if it makes sense.  This will help your child improve their reading comprehension and understanding of the story.  Try to avoid frustration and make reading fun by practicing these strategies together!  You can even model how adults have to sound out “tricky words” sometimes too!