How Do I Fit In My 20 Minutes of Reading?

  1. Read during snack time.
  2. Keep books in the car.
  3. Set a time to read aloud to your children – even if it’s for only 5 minutes.
  4. Add reading into transitions: reading while you clean up lunch, while you’re getting ready to leave, etc.
  5. Read everything! Signs, food boxes, magazines, etc.
  6. Keep books by your child’s bed.
  7. Have a set time for your child to read to themselves quietly.
  8. Play reading games such as hangman, Zingo, brain quest, etc.
  9. Read while you wait at a restaurant or doctor’s office.
  10. Listen to stories online.
  11. Read activity books such as cookbooks.
  12. Listen to books on CD in the car and have your child follow along.