Levi was diagnosed with profound bilateral sensorineural hearing loss at 9 months of age. As a family that was still on a high of having a perfect little prince (and two princesses at home) we were completely shocked.

Our world was shattered, but we were given hope. A cochlear implant. Our Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon gave us the information and the contacts we needed to begin our journey on a path to having Levi be part of the hearing world.

One of these contacts was Wendy Deters, the Early Intervention Coordinator at Child’s Voice.  Although she was suggested as an at home speech therapist, it introduced us to Child’s Voice.

We wasted no time and quickly set up a time to tour the programs at Child’s Voice.  We fell in love.  Watching the older kids in their classrooms made our hopes soar! Their ability to speak beautifully quickly melted our fears away.

 “Watching the older kids in their classrooms made our hopes soar!”

We knew immediately we wanted Levi to be part of the oral, hearing community and to attend Child’s Voice.

Levi is in the Early Intervention Program and we plan for him to continue into the School Program.  He is doing amazingly well and loves to be at school with his friends and amazing teachers.

We are grateful that we found Child’s Voice and the Early Intervention

Program.  Thank you to Child’s Voice for everything that you have done for Levi but we are forever appreciative of everything that we know is to come in his education and development.