Celebrating Kindness at Child’s Voice

Child’s Voice has announced a new sheriff in town… the Kindness Patrol! This year has been a celebration of being a good neighbor and the importance of kindness. Students are acting as Kindness Patrol officers, encouraging and recognizing one another when they find them doing kind acts toward one another.

“Our inspiration this year has been Mr. Rogers.  He always focused on kindness and making everyone feel special, just the way they are,” shared Dr. Michele Wilkins (Naperville), Executive Director at Child’s Voice. “Our programs work on providing educational services, but a very important piece of teaching a child is working with them on developing their empathy and kindness toward one another.  We are so excited to work with our students to recognize and celebrate them and their kind hearts!”

Child's Voice Kindness Patrol offers students a chance to recognize kind acts.Child’s Voice helps children with hearing loss learn to listen and speak. Students wear hearing aids and/or cochlear implants and programs use a child-focused, research-based curriculum, all with the end goal of transitioning graduates back to their neighborhood schools. This year, Child’s Voice has supported nearly 400 children and their families. Students range in age from just a few days old through the age of 8.

“We’re encouraging students to look for kindness in others,” Principal Wendy Adler (Aurora) said. “We are always working on how WE can be kind, or what WE can do to better ourselves. This way, students get to look for these traits in others, focusing on being mindful of their classmates.”

Parents have expressed excitement about the focused intent on skill-building for kindness. “I really appreciate that Child’s Voice is working on kindness as a schoolwide effort,” shared Alix Strunk (Oak Park), a current Child’s Voice parent.  “I think learning and practicing kindness is crucial for our society, and it is needs a lot of reinforcement and advocacy, and school is the perfect place to start.  We love Daniel Tiger at our house and often sing the songs; they are such a good way to get lessons across to kids in an understandable way. I especially love the kindness song. We certainly can all learn from Mr. Rogers; I’m sure this focus will be very successful and fun for the Child’s Voice kids.”

For more information on Child’s Voice, please visit www.childsvoice.org or call (630) 595-8200.

As we head into the season of giving in November, join us in giving each child the gift of language and listening skills.  You can help change the lives of these students and families, by supporting Child’s Voice with a donation. Visit https://childsvoice.how2fund.com// to make a gift today.