Woman dressed as Mr. Rogers in red sweater, wavingHalloween is my most favorite holiday. There is lots to love about it—there are parties, games, movies, and costumes. When I was young, the best costumes were homemade. I will always remember the year I was a Troll and my older sister was Uncle Fester from the Addams Family show. We would go out trick-or-treating for hours, along with every other kiddo in our neighborhood. It was such a fun and exhausting night, and a bag full of candy was our just reward.

When my own children were growing up, we lived out in the country in Texas. The entire subdivision gathered on the back of a flatbed truck and drove around the area. Since all of us were on the truck, we just left bowls of candy by the door. My children had store-bought costumes of super heroes, much like today. This was a good thing for me, as I could not sew!

At Child’s Voice, with my love for Halloween, we spend at least half the day celebrating. When the holiday falls during the week, we even have an early dismissal. I love racing home to meet the babies in their wagons coming up and down the street.

However, how much do you really know about Halloween in the first place? The October holiday may be one of the most popular holidays in the United States now, but Halloween has very international origins and a rich history. There is actually a lot of fascinating Halloween trivia that you have probably never learned, including its history and the origins of some of the most popular traditions tied to the holiday.

So before your party this year, check out this trivia page and your holiday will be a SMASHING SUCCESS.

Happy Halloween!

Dr. Michele