#ILGive Starts TONIGHT!

What is that, you may ask? #ILGive and #ILGiveCommunity is a 24-hour, online fundraising event to empower individuals (like you!) to donate to causes that matter (like Child’s Voice).  This effort will raise funding to support our communities, raise awareness of the great work done by nonprofit organizations like Child’s Voice, and introduce new supporters to causes, just like our incredible students! Overall, this is an effort to better support our communities across Illinois! This exciting program starts TONIGHT at 6:00 p.m. – Wednesday, May 31st at 6:00 p.m.

To support, click here:

Donate now to Child's Voice!

By contributing, YOU will be helping a child with hearing loss learn to listen and to speak. Here is just some of the magic that happens in our programs because of support today from #ILGive and throughout the year because of donors like you!

  • A baby will say their first words to their Mom and Dad;
  • A child will rush home after school and excitedly share a story of what happened in class today;
  • A child will share a speech at the Recognition Ceremony, bringing tears to their parents eyes because they didn’t know what the future would hold when they learned he/she was deaf;
  • Students will explore during a field trip to the DuPage Children’s Museum;
  • One of our alumni will receive mainstream support, ensuring their success in their new school;
  • A baby will be diagnosed with hearing loss just 4-6 weeks after they are born, getting them access to sound in that crucial window of early childhood development;
  • Parents will receive education and advocacy tools to put to use in their child’s journey with hearing loss;
  • Books will be added to our library, allowing children exposure and focused learning on vocabulary and literacy;
  • Professionals will continue to hone their skills and provide expert educational tools to our students;
  • A SMART Board will be installed in a classroom, offering students exciting and varied ways to learn, incorporating technology they will see in their mainstream classrooms;
  • Toddlers will enjoy a new summer arts and crafts project;
  • Children will giggle down the hallways and tell each other the latest jokes;
  • And so much more!

Thank you!  You create all of these incredible opportunities and results for our students and families.

Please consider giving to Child’s Voice through #ILGive.  You are making a difference.

Thank you! Here’s to a great kickoff to summer!

Warm Regards,

Dr. Michele


For more information on #ILGive and #ILGiveCommunity, please click here.