For the past 13 years, Ann Stein has been one of the first Child’s Voice teachers that Wood Dale families encounter. As an Early Intervention (EI) therapist, Ann helped children and families during their first step into learning to listen and speak. Ann retired at the end of the school year.

“Her knowledge and care can been seen in so many Child’s Voice graduates. She has been a consistent support for so many families,” says Professional Development Coordinator Wendy Deters.

Focused on the Whole Child

Deters says Stein’s patience is “astounding, which is just one of the qualities that makes her an excellent EI therapist. Ann reminded us all to think about children and families as a whole and to not just be focused on hearing loss — to think about how children interact with one another and with their families.”

Teacher Ann Stein with Smiley“Ann’s contributions to Child’s Voice are immeasurable and we are so grateful to have worked with her. She is a wonderful friend and colleague and we will miss seeing her every day.”

According to Child’s Voice Executive Director Dr. Michele Wilkins, “Ann not only had open, honest rapport with the EI families and children she served, but also with the entire teaching staff at Child’s Voice. Ann came to Child’s Voice everyday knowing her mission was to empower the parents and children she worked with. I can attest that she did just that!”

The Kruger family recalls how “amazing” Ann was when daughter Bailey entered the EI program, providing “a sense of peace when we needed it!”

“Our family is so thankful and blessed to have had Ann in our lives! We are forever grateful,” says Kelly Kruger.

“Above and Beyond”

Dr. Michele recalls that she “first met Ann at an IEP (individualized educational program) meeting for a student she was serving in early intervention before she was with Child’s Voice. I knew right then and there we needed to make her part of our Child’s Voice family. I wanted her to share her expert skills with our children and families.”

Director of Early Intervention Rollen Cooper says Ann “went above and beyond to help families obtain the services they needed.”

Teacher Ann Stein with students

He remembers her work with one particular student to get him audiology services and helped his family make the decision to undergo cochlear implant surgery. Ann, he says, was also integral to enrolling this family into the school.

“Without her hard work, he would have never ended up in our school program. I think her dedication to listening and spoken language and Child’s Voice changed the course of the lives of many children,” Cooper says.