Introducing the Smiling Voices Fund

February 14, 2018

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” – Anne Frank

In a single moment at Child’s Voice, our students’ lives are changed. A child may share his/her first word with their parents in the Early Intervention Program. One of our students has mastered the vocabulary words with which he/she has been struggling. Another student is excited to read a story to their teacher, sharing all about their family. Each and every one of these students has hearing loss and is exceeding goals thanks to YOU and the incredible staff at Child’s Voice.

Today, I am excited to celebrate our 22nd birthday at Child’s Voice with the launch of our Smiling Voices Fund. This annual fund support will directly impact Child’s Voice programs including the Early Intervention and School Programs, Mainstream Outreach and Support, and the Audiology Center.

I am asking you to join our staff today in changing the lives of children with hearing loss with a gift. Your support of the Smiling Voices Fund will allow Child’s Voice to continue to hire experts in the field of listening and spoken language education and therapy, teachers of the deaf, and audiologists that specialize in pediatric care.

With your support, we can purchase supplies for classrooms, materials for our teachers and therapy equipment for home-based services.

With your support, we can continue to offer professional development opportunities to these incredible staff members.

One of my favorite quotes by Joyce Meyer states, “Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges.” The staff at Child’s Voice changes the lives of our students, but their impact reaches beyond each child to their family, and their community. I hope you will join me today in supporting our teachers, our staff, and ‘more chalk’.

Your support of the Smiling Voices Fund will allow us to impact more children with hearing loss, more families and more communities across the Chicago region. You don’t have to wait another moment before you help us improve the world.

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Michele Wilkins, Ed.D.
Executive Director