Going Home

Just a few weeks ago my family traveled back to Texas. This really was much more than a vacation.

Before moving to the Chicago area from St. Louis, my husband and I lived in a small town in Texas for many years. We shared many firsts in Texas: our first starter, our first family home, our first golden retriever, Savoy, and the many that followed. In this small Texas town, we started our family: son Wesley, now age 30 and daughter Shalee, now 27.

It was my daughter who, on her ‘golden birthday’, decided she wanted to ‘go back home’ where she began – back to Texas.

Shalee left Texas at the age of 4. Most of her memories, I believe, were shared with her through our many stories and zillions of photo albums. Yes, those old fashion books where one used to store pictures—pictures now long turned yellow.

For Chuck and I, this trip brought back a flood of memories. Our once small town has grown much larger after 25 years of being gone. The house where my daughter was raised was missing the best feature of all – the built-in pool (who in their right mind fills in a pool in south Texas??). The hospital where she was born is still there but they built a new women’s hospital a bit further out of town (where prairie grass stood in our day). Surprisingly, all the ole’ Tex-Mex restaurants were still there and just as good as we remembered.

The trip was a wonderful way for my daughter to make the memories of her early life growing up in Texas more tangible. I was quite pleasantly surprised she actually wanted to make this trip. For my husband and I it really was a chance to ‘go home’, where we started as a couple together 35 years ago.

Your time is NOW to make those memories. Tell your stories to your children. Tell them their story. Now in the digital form, start recording their history.

Summer is a great time to make lasting memories. Enjoy!

Dr. Michele