“A goal properly set is halfway reached.” – Zig Ziglar

At our February Board meeting the Board of Directors approved and adopted Child’s Voices’ 2016-2018 Strategic Plan. The formation of the plan has been a long arduous, demanding yet tremendously eye-opening task. After many starts and stops, we hired a consultant to assist us.

Many of you responded to the survey and gave open honest responses to the questions. Many of you were interviewed for even deeper and richer input. We thank you for all of your time. There are five areas that came into focus that we will tackle.

The plan provides goals and action items within these five key functional areas: metrics and measurement, parent and alumni involvement, marketing and awareness, sustainability, and governance. 

The plan emphasizes strengthening programmatic and measurement functions as well as increasing parent and alumni involvement and board capacity in order to address significant external challenges such as uncertain funding and an unpredictable legislative environment resulting in decreasing numbers of students.

Metrics and Measurement Strategic Goals:

  1. Demonstrate program effectiveness and progress toward educational goals with robust, scientific data
  2. Support growth of student abilities, EI and school program through the use of data
  3. Demonstrate market reach and services performed; provide input to marketing materials, grants, outreach
  4. Enhance Child’s Voice understanding of what children need when they arrive at different mainstream schools, and prepare them and their families for it
  5. Understand how Child’s Voice students compare with mainstream peers.

Parent and Alumni Involvement Strategic Goals:

  1. Increase family awareness of Child’s Voice services and ways to be involved
  2. Increase parent and family ability to help children succeed; be partners in advocacy
  3. Increase number of parents involved in volunteering and events, and in educational opportunities
  4. Increase parent access to support and advice from Child’s Voice and alumni parents

Marketing and Awareness Strategic Goals:

  1. Increase advertising reach, including increased web presence
  2. Increase potential number of Child’s Voice students
  3. Increase number of families aware of Child’s Voice at first diagnosis

Sustainability Strategic Goals:

  1. Increase fundraising stability and expand donor base
  2. Increase financial capacity to promote Child’s Voice, educate families https://magyargenerikus.com/generikus-viagra-ar-online/

Governance Strategic Goals:

  1. Improve Board capacity and effectiveness
  2. Increase ability of staff, board to fill key positions with capable individuals
  3. Develop more effective recruiting/onboarding
  4. Increase diversity; increase experience base; enhance connection to alumni

Now our committees, Board of Directors, staff and administration design action steps to ensure achieving our goals. This still needs to be completed.

Once we are set we will post the strategic plan on our new Web site. We ask you all to be active participants in helping Child’s Voice reach these goals.  As Zig states we are already halfway there!


Dr. Michele