Family Reunion Fun

Relationships! Building them is a crucial part of life’s Family and friends gather at the Family Reunion. grand scheme.  On April 16th, we held the 5th Child’s Voice Family Reunion.  Each year we have this event and look forward to seeing current and alumni families. Kids run around with old friends and parents catch up on all the latest happenings. This year had a special twist. While we are celebrating our 20th birthday this year, we were also saying farewell to Mrs. Jeanette Hachmeister, our beloved Learning Center teacher. Jeanette will be leaving Child’s Voice after 19 years of service. She and her husband are headed off to Colorado to be closer to their daughter. Luckily for the field of deaf education Jeanette plans to continue to teach.

So this Family Reunion was even more special as we all gathered to wish good luck to Jeanette and DavidThe Family Reunion including a farewell to Mrs. Jeanette.. And gather we did!! Alumni and current families were invited…and come they did!! Kaitlin, our Advancement Manager did her homework and everyone had a name tag with the date of their graduation year. The kids were super fun to watch as they slowly warmed up to each other. Pretty soon we had several small groups chatting here and over there. This was happening while our current students played a ‘run around the room’ game of tag. Mrs. Elsa was extremely busy taking photos of every student there. Be sure to follow our social media pages to see more photos of the fun day.

Relationships—how wonderful they are! Just seeing these alumni students—all very poised—confident—and beautiful or handsome brings back a flood of memories. WOW! All of us are still talking about how fun this event was

This year the Reunion was just that—a reunion of families all sharing exactly why Child’s Voice holds such a special place in our hearts and cherished memories.

Graduates, family and staff gathered to celebrate at the Family Reunion.

Our relationships keep us happy, keep us connected and give us a sense of pride. I am happy that you have a relationship with Child’s Voice and are part of our larger family. You help make miracles happen at Child’s Voice every day.

So here’s to 20 Years of Smiles at Child’s Voice, and many more Child’s Voice Family Reunions.


Dr. Michele