Woman making heart shape with handsWe are all dealing with the stress of COVID-19, trying to secure a date to get the vaccine, and getting our kiddos off to school.

Mornings can be hard when juggling all of this “stuff’.” I want to commend all of you for making the best effort possible every single day.

We see your efforts in the line of cars waiting patiently to participate in the morning ritual at Child’s Voice, and we thank you. The added step of taking morning temperatures in a polar vortex is taxing on all of us. We thank you for helping us make this run smoothly every morning.

Kids are truly resilient. They have managed new routines, mask wearing and constantly washing their hands. Our staff is resilient as well. It is a team effort for sure. We thank you for taking responsibility and being part of our team.

School was odd last year and still is, how we live in “pods,” how the staff eats lunch at their desk or in the library, and how we now communicate through Zoom. We thank you for hanging in there.

Child’s Voice celebrated our 25th birthday this month. THAT’S INCREDIBLE! We are making plans for the next 25 years. THAT’S WONDERFUL! We continue to see the life-changing impact Child’s Voice has on our current families, our alumni families, and in all our communities. We are blessed.

We can add joy—like a birthday party—to our daily experiences. Here’s a quick way to kick off more joy:

  1. Social Media. Cut it out. Just hearing the news is a bummer. To then have everyone comment on it is too much. Follow positive inspiring people that help lift you up.
  2. Meditate. Try to tap into your heart instead of your head. Quiet the “voices” in your mind and learn to listen more closely to what brings you joy.
  3. Practice gratitude for the things that do bring you joy. Write it down in a journal. Having an attitude of gratitude makes us more appreciative and trusting, gives us better self-esteem, and helps us bounce back from stress.

Joy will help us all manage our daily stress. Thank gosh for that.

Hope you had a sweet Valentine’s Day

From my heart,

Dr. Michele