Have you ever gotten a vocabulary word list from your child’s teacher, and then wondered what to do with it?

Talk is vital to a child’s brain development.  Not just baby talk. Any kind of talk with young children enhances their vocabulary skills.  At Child’s Voice, our teachers work very hard to develop your child’s word knowledge.  Do you know how to work with your child at home, after school or therapy sessions are over?

Or…perhaps your teacher asked if you could help your child study a vocabulary word list for a test…but you know that drilling flashcards is going to be a complete waste of time.  Let’s focus on enhancing language skills by setting up a definition sentence structure to practice with your child.  Rather than just saying “dog”, practice forming a sentence about each word, such as “a dog is an animal that has four legs and is furry”.  By following this sentence structure format, it’s easier for your child to use this strategy for all words.  You can help your child learn what words actually mean, leading to better comprehension and overall language skills.

I recently came across a video that focused on this learning process – practicing vocabulary words so you aren’t doing pointless drill work or just “teaching to the test”.  By following these suggestions, you’ll learn how to study with them so they actually remember what you teach them.  To watch the video, please Click Here.