Computer on back yard tableHello from the backyard desk of Dr. Michele. I also have an indoor home office so I can continue my work. I feel we all have extended our “office” hours while Illinois practices staying-at-home. I find myself sitting long hours in my den.

I have added a camera to my monitor and am now using air pods (when I can get them to connect) or a headset for the zillion Zoom meetings held daily. I know I am not alone.

Child’s Voice has dedicated this year to reviewing our program’s Culture. Child’s Voice has identified six core values that guide our staff, our behaviors, and our mission and vision.  This week let us explore Commitment:

  • Advocacy: Support and teach our students and parents self-advocacy
  • Collaboration: Across disciplines and across the globe
  • Expertise: Deaf educators, speech language pathologists, and audiologists committed to be the best in their fields
  • Community: An environment of empathy, care, love, shared goals
  • Commitment: To children with hearing loss and their success
  • Passion: Started by families for families, impassioned teachers, therapists, and staff.

Commitment is the value that is demonstrated by all our staff at Child’s Voice. Every single person is doing their absolute best to provide outstanding service to our families and students and to each other.

Commitment is seen in the ongoing support from our donors. Our supporters keep us thriving and striving to do our best in all programs. With the challenges facing all of us, now it the time to give. Our Golf event has been moved to September 22 and our Gala has been rescheduled to February 20.

Commitment by all our families is evidenced every day. Parents are trying to figure out classroom lessons, music lessons, recess, 1:1 meetings, speech therapy, and lunch with our school counselor all through Zoom or therapy by teletherapy for our youngest kiddos.

Commitment is having all our graduates come in to record a video giving their speeches — minus their peers, teachers, and audience to encourage them. (Another shout out to parents for doing this)

Commitment is opening our audiology clinic, putting into place all the necessary requirements to do so safely, and performing ABRs on the babies that need testing now.

Commitment is our staff social distancing when they come into school.

At Child’s Voice we have made a commitment to success. We are dedicated, have the right attitude, and a genuine interest for all that takes place in this organization, on all levels. We know a commitment is one of the most important principles of success. We have dedicated ourselves to the students and families of Child’s Voice. We are all obligated to MAKE A DIFFERENCE

We are glad you are committed to Child’s Voice too.

Stay healthy and safe!


Dr. Michele