Dawn Violetto, Au.D., FAAA, CCC/A
Dawn is the Director of Audiology at Child’s Voice. She serves both children and their families through provision of expert audiology care and educational tools. She monitors children’s hearing and their technology, runs the Audiology Center and PEHDI® Program and serves as a preceptor for doctoral students. Dr. Dawn learned of Child’s Voice when the program opened in Elmhurst and a few years later learned about the plans for the Audiology Center (2008) and joined the staff.

Dr. Dawn shares her expertise through serving on the Illinois Newborn Hearing Advisory Council, the Illinois Newborn Hearing Collaborative and was involved in launching the ECHO Program in the State.  She is also serving on the Illinois JCIH work group and Illinois state SIAC Health Subcommittee Hearing Ad Hoc work group.  She has presented her findings on FRESH Noise at conferences including the American Academy of Audiology (Orlando and San Antonio), Illinois Chapter of American Academy of Audiology (Chicago) and the HEAL Conference (Italy).  Dr. Dawn has also presented at the Early Hearing Detection & Intervention (EHDI) Conference on a variety of topics regarding early hearing detection and intervention matters. She has served as a guest lecturer at Northwestern University and Midwestern University to doctoral and graduate students.

You can read more from Dr. Dawn in an online article at Audiology Online. She was featured on a panel of experts regarding new technology.

When she is not at Child’s Voice, Dawn enjoys bike riding, cooking, gardening, yoga, and spending time with her three fur babies. She is also involved with Prana Yoga in Geneva, IL and volunteers at 4 Paw 4 U 4 Ever. Dawn currently lives in the Western Suburbs.