On Saturday, the Child’s Voice Read Around Town Program hosted dozens of parents and children for the “Road to Reading” literacy workshop. This event featured four pit stops for families to learn about different reading components.

The pit stops focused on reading strategies, comprehension, sight words, phonics, the alphabet, letter sounds and recognition. Storyteller Dot Kane also shared exciting stories through her fun and engaging performance.

“Learning new ways to make reading fun is always wonderful,” shared one of our parent attendees. “But what was really terrific about this was the chance to spend one-on-one time completely focused on reading. We read at home a lot, but this offered some really interesting and new ways to help my child become a lifelong reader. The storyteller was so much fun and just lit up the room!”

“When a gap is created in learning because of hearing loss, we work to close that with listening and spoken language skills. Attention to literacy is crucial to ensure students are prepared to enter their local, mainstream schools,” shared Principal Wendy Adler. “Something special about this was seeing entire families gathered together.  Parents didn’t just bring their Child’s Voice students. They brought other family members from brothers and sisters to grandparents.”

This program was made possible through a community grant from the Forest Park Walmart. To support the Read Around Town Program, please contact the Child’s Voice Advancement Team at or call (630) 595-8200.