During the month of May, Child’s Voice will be celebrating Better Hearing & Speech Month by featuring all of our Programs in a “Spotlight Saturday” feature.  This week’s feature is on our Audiology Center.

Good access to sound builds the foundation needed for a child to learn, to listen and to speak.

Our resident audiologists, Dr. Dawn and Dr. Megan, specialize in testing and services to pediatric patients, from just a few weeks old through the age of 18.  The Audiology Center at Child’s Voice is a non-clinical, child-focused and family-friendly environment.

Did you know…in 2017…the Audiology Center…

  • Served 322 children
  • Scheduled 1,285 appointments
  • Provided 50 infants/newborns at risk for hearing loss testing through our Pediatric Early Hearing Detection & Intervention (PEHDI) Program
  • Served 124 children in the Early Intervention and School Programs
  • Assisted 148 new pediatric patients

Fun facts…

When asked what Dr. Megan admires the most in our kiddos, she replied “The kiddos come to school everyday eager to put in the hard work it takes to learn to listen and to talk.  Our teachers and SLPs require a lot of each of the kiddos, but they present activities and lessons in a way which makes learning fun!  Because of this, our kiddos are excited to come to school every day!”

When asked Dr. Dawn why she decided to pursue a career working with children with a hearing loss, she said “I was around children a lot when I was young, and people would tell me I should go into teaching. In college, I was so focused on school and achieving degrees, I forgot how much I enjoyed working with kids.  After working ENT for 10 years I was burnt out from the adult patients.  However, once I came to Child’s Voice, I remembered how much fun I used to have working with children, and I knew this was the right place for me.  Now I am able to combine two of my favorites things – audiology and working with children.”

For more information on the Audiology Program at Child’s Voice, please Click Here!