During the month of May, Child’s Voice will be celebrating Better Hearing & Speech Month by featuring all of our Programs in a “Spotlight Saturday” feature.  This week’s feature is on our Early Intervention Program. For many families, our Early Intervention Program is the first step in their baby’s journey with hearing loss as they are working to learn to listen and to speak. This Program serves children from just a few weeks old through the age of 3.

Early identification of hearing loss and early access to sound through a hearing device (like a hearing aid, cochlear implant, or combination of these) gives a baby’s brain the opportunity to hear sounds and language.  Our center-based locations (Wood Dale and Roscoe Village) and home-based therapy services focus on creating a partnership with parents and caregivers.  This helps our babies and toddlers learn to listen and to speak through daily routines, interaction with family and play.

Learning these skills during these critical years will give these children the foundation needed to be successful in school and in life.

Fun facts…

When asked what Mr. Rollen admires the most in our families, he replied “The things I admire most about our families are their bravery, their trust in our staff, and their dedication to teaching their child to listen and talk. Many families sacrifice a great deal just so that their children can attend Child’s Voice.”

When asked Ms. Corinne why she decided to pursue a career working with children with a hearing loss, she said “My daughter attended school at Child’s Voice, and I began working here when she graduated”.

Ms. Laura says she decided to pursue a career in teaching children with a hearing loss because she “grew up babysitting for a neighbor that had cochlear implants.  I always thought it was amazing that he could learn to talk and went to the same elementary school that I did even though he had a profound hearing loss”.

Ms. Ann’s favorite Child’s Voice event is graduation.  She says “it is so satisfying to see the kids that I worked with at age 2 achieving so much”!

When asked what she admires most about our kiddos, Ms. Jessica said “I admire their resiliency and their hard work. In early intervention, we put a lot of demand on our kiddos in order to support their language and listening skills. They consistently rise to the occasion; it is my opinion that our kiddos have better focus and attention skills than many other 2 year olds. I also admire their parents. The roles that these parents play is far greater than just “parent;” they are therapists, counselors, and advocates”.

Ms. Wendy pursued a career in teaching children with hearing loss because “My parents both have profound hearing losses so I have grown up around individuals with hearing loss. My mom and dad overcame so much in their young lives and somehow learned to speak which has always fascinated me. They both had very good careers and a rich social life, they are an example of what is possible for children with hearing loss. I wanted to be in a place that I could work with children with hearing loss and have the same high expectations for them as people did for my parents”.

When asked what she admires most about our kiddos, Ms. Nina response was “Our kids have an incredible challenge placed on them.  At a very young age, they have to work harder than other kids without a hearing loss.  They participate in therapy sessions, come to group, go to countless audiology appointments, struggle to manage equipment and batteries, work hard at a very long preschool day, and spend their time at home practicing speech and language with their families.  Listening with a hearing aid or cochlear implant takes a lot of energy. That fact on top of all the extra work they have to do makes these kids superheroes in my eyes.  I wish they didn’t have to work so hard and spend so much time and energy just to acquire that which comes more naturally to kids without a hearing loss.  But they do. And they do it with style and silliness and with determination.  Like I said….superheroes”.

For more information on the Early Intervention Program at Child’s Voice, please Click Here!