Child’s Voice Forms Partnership with Beit Micha

Child’s Voice and Beit Micha announced a collaboration to improve their programs serving children with hearing loss.  Child’s Voice, with locations in Wood Dale and Chicago, helps children with hearing loss learn to listen and speak. Students wear hearing aids and/or cochlear implants and programs use a child-focused, research-based curriculum, all with the end goal of transitioning graduates back to their local, neighborhood schools. Beit Micha is located in Tel Aviv, Israel.  It is a multidisciplinary center, which meets the therapeutic and educational needs of children with hearing loss from birth through first grade. Families play a central role in the rehabilitation process and parents are partners in the child’s intervention program.

“On a recent visit to Tel Aviv, Israel, my sister Deborah Pergament (a current Child’s Voice Board Director) and I were invited to Beit Micha. We were immediately taken by the warmth and professionalism of the staff, the shared values that Beit Micha and Child’s Voice have, and the excitement of the therapists, students and parents interacting,” shared Rachel Pergament (Chicago), Child’s Voice friend and supporter. “When the staff and executive director shared the challenges Beit Micha was facing, we thought a collaboration with Child’s Voice would provide both centers with opportunities to share expertise, for staff to share best practices, and to gain insights from each other. We are excited to provide opportunities through a donation from our family’s educational foundation for teachers, therapists and staff from Child’s Voice and Beit Micha to share and learn from one another.”

Collaborative efforts will take place both in Wood Dale, Ill. and Chicago, Ill. as well as in Tel Aviv, Israel.  Child’s Voice will provide support and assistance as Beit Micha works to develop a robust outcome measures process to highlight the success of their programs, as Child’s Voice has done in recent years.

The partnership will offer staff development of best practices through shared experiences, current practices regarding teaching, inter-agency collaborations, and support and coaching of parents. A long-term goal is development of resources for fellow organizations on collaboration opportunities.

“This collaboration ties so closely to our mission and vision for Child’s Voice,” stated Dr. Michele Wilkins (Naperville), Executive Director at Child’s Voice. “It is a synergy of best practices between two organizations on a national level, promoting the absolute best in early childhood education and family-centered opportunities for children with hearing loss.  This offers both our incredible programs the chance to change more lives and increase the impact of our program outreach on an international level.”

The Board of Directors and staff at Child’s Voice are excited for this collaboration and look forward to its results.

“The Child’s Voice community welcomes our new friend Roi Pilpel of Beit Micha,” said Peter Schiltz, President of the Board of Directors. “Our organizations are cut from the same cloth with a common goal of education and inclusion for our children with hearing loss. We look forward to learning from each other.”