Although a success story for sure, this feature isn’t about just one of our alumni, but about nearly all of our alumni. In 1997, Mrs. Jeanette joined Child’s Voice as our Learning Center teacher. This summer, Mrs Jeanette will retire from Child’s Voice and relocate to Colorado, closer to her daughter and her family.
Jeanette2“Jeanette has the ability to teach difficult subjects in a fun and entertaining way. Our students sing their hearts out. But they’re not just having fun, they’re learning complex information,” shared Dr. Michele Wilkins, Executive Director at Child’s Voice. “She’s changed lives. Without even realizing it, these students are enjoying learning and Jeanette has made that possible.”

The Learning Center has always been known for its songs. Children fill the hallways with the handwashing song, “Open & Shut” about using scissors, and dozens of others that have helped them to learn important lessons, vocabulary and language skills.

One of the techniques that Mrs. Jeanette uses in class is to remind students to, “Kiss your brain,” when they answer a question or remember something and do well with a problem/task. She also encourages them to, “Kiss your heart,” when they are kind to one another.

Jeanette1In 2009, she was recognized by the Golden Apple Foundation as one of their Golden Apple Teachers of the Year and Fellows. She’s also been published for her research relating to the importance of music in the education of students. Her article, Learning Through Singing,was featured in the Volta Voices, July/August 2010 and My Story, My Song, was showcased in the Volta Voices July/August 2014 and on the Listening and Spoken Language Knowledge Center through AG Bell. This article received a 2015 Communicator Award in the Print Feature Writing category.

Yet, Mrs. Jeanette’s legacy at Child’s Voice goes well beyond the many accolades she has received. Mrs. Jeanette has taught nearly every Child’s Voice graduate as they have gone through Primary II (ages 5-8) in the School Program. When visiting, alumni often ask if the leprechaun has been to visit the classroom and they fondly remember building traps for the mischievous fellow. She is part of their memory of Child’s Voice. Mrs. Jeanette has been a crucial part of each child’s education at Child’s Voice and as such, she’s changed those lives for nearly 20 years.

When asked about her retirement from Child’s Voice, Mrs. Jeanette made a special request. She asked that our alumni make a special effort this year to attend the Family Reunion on Saturday, April 16th.Click here for more on the Family Reunion. She wants to be sure to get photos with all the graduates at this fun event.

Mrs. Jeanette, thank you for your dedication to the students and families of Child’s Voice. Hundreds of students have kissed their brains because you have truly been a part of all our hearts.