Our Audiology Program is celebrating 10 years!

Dr. Dawn will be submitting blogs throughout the year to celebrate the wonderful accomplishments of our Audiology Program.  Here is her blog on Giving Thanks:

Giving Thanks and a Giant Turkey!

During the hustle and bustle at the end of the year, it is impossible to find a little tiny slice of peace.  Starting before Thanksgiving we are bombarded with images of what to buy, where to go, how we should dress, how our dog should dress, and what we should eat.  Often I look at the commercials on TV and feel like a loser because I don’t have a large family that gathers around a 20 foot tree for the holidays, and my table doesn’t seat 40 – it seats 4!  What is wrong with me that I don’t want to get up at 4 am on Black Friday to get the super duper best deals on the best presents for my family?  We must be the worst family because I don’t have a fireplace for us all to gather around, drink hot cocoa and play Yahtzee!  Seriously, why can my family never make it through one hour, let alone one dinner without someone arguing about politics and religion? Someone is usually doing or not doing something to someone else, and creating a spat that will last well past when the Easter bunny comes. Why doesn’t my family look like that happy smiling bunch of lovelies, wrapped in their fancy Christmas sweaters and drinking eggnog while playing twister under the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree?  What is wrong with us?????

I’ll tell you why we don’t look like that….because that is a commercial and none of that is real!  Those people are paid to dress well, smile lovingly at one another, and look happy on a fake set of a fake house with fake snow.  Retailers know that if they create the ideal Christmas card scene, we as humans we kill ourselves to replicate it.  Crisis ensues if we don’t completely outfit our dining table with the latest Pier 1 dinner wear and accessories!  They are counting on it to sell their product – thousands and thousands of dollars worth of their product.   They don’t care that most of what we buy is usually unwanted, unused and surreptitiously thrown out like a pair of old socks.  Sell, sell, sell is the motto, and they don’t really care what it is as long as you buy it.  Creating “warm fuzzies” on the screen creates the idea that we all feel we can only buy from Target and arrive in matching sweaters!

So what the heck Dawn!!!!  What does this have to do with Audiology at Child’s Voice?  Thanks for bringing us down man!  I am thankful that in my position, I am afforded the opportunity to see the real life things that can be celebrated.  Sometimes, it’s a little thing like a child changing her batteries alone for the first time or saying the “g” sound for the first time correctly.  Sometimes, it’s a huge thing like a 3-year-old saying his first word or a baby hearing their parents for the first time, or a child being approved for a Cochlear implant that can set him/her on the road to hearing, or another being told you are finally cancer free, or a  co-worker returning to work after recovering from a horrible car accident, or an extern graduating and flying the coop to a new career.  This is what’s important, this is what matters!  We can all live without shopping like a crazy fiend for 2 weeks, killing ourselves cooking for days, and being the perfect Stepford wife host with a painted on grin!  Taking the time to watch our kids play, share a tipple of sherry on a quiet night while watching the snow fall, or sitting to enjoy the Wizard of Oz (which you know plays for 24 hours straight!).   We can’t buy peace and we can’t buy happiness from Kohl’s.  Taking a breath and enjoying what is in front of us is the best thanks we can give!

And P.S. – forget the matching sweaters…you will laugh at them in a few years anyway!