Our Audiology Program is celebrating 10 years!

Dr. Dawn will be submitting blogs throughout the year to celebrate the wonderful accomplishments of our Audiology Program.  Here is her blog on the important of wearing devices:

Do I really have to do this today?

Wow!  That week was just crazy!  Up a 5.45, showered, lunches made, breakfast made, kids up, “don’t forget to brush your teeth”, hair brushed, shoes on, at the bus stop at 7.30.  “Wait…..did I brush my teeth?” Does it stop there?  No is does not! Off to work, meeting, emails, phone calls, more meetings!  Pick up the kids, soccer, basketball, ballet, gymnastics, quickest and healthiest dinner I can purchase through a drive through, home, bath, story, bed.  Collapse into bed and then do it all again tomorrow!  That doesn’t even take into account the days we have Dr’s appointments, dentist appointments, audiology appointments or heaven forbid, someone gets sick at school!!!!!  So now it’s Saturday morning and it’s supposed to be the quiet, sleeping in, wake up slowly and cuddle on the couch under a blanket in the morning time!  Do I really have to get up and battle with my child to put these hearing devices on…. really?  I mean a couple of hours won’t without them won’t hurt right?

Child's Voice students love the "Love to Give" campaign at Neiman Marcus.

As busy as the days and weeks are, it is understandable that this question comes into your mind on the weekend.  “Can we just forget about hearing loss for a few hours and relax?”.  It would be so nice to say “sure”; however, I think about all the opportunities to talk and to listen that will be missed.  Cuddling on the couch or making a blanket fort “pass me a pillow”, “hide under here”, “defend the house!”.  Making breakfast in the kitchen, “pass me the spoon!”,  “this is an egg!”, “mix, mix, mix!”. Cleaning up the kitchen, “let’s make bubbles”, “wash, wash, wash”.  Getting dressed for the day “find your feet..ooooohhhh stinky feet!” followed by a fit of the giggles.  “Mommy loves your stinky feet!”.  “Daddy loves your little belly” as he blows a big raspberry on that cute little belly.  “Daddy loves his little girl!”  In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s easy to take short cuts and enjoy the quiet times not filled with the battles to put hearing aids in and implants on.  However, all these moments are opportunities to have exposure to and learn language, which are lost on our little ones if we don’t take that big breath, get up and put those devices on.  We know that children with hearing loss need more repetitions of language and need to be taught the language directly to be able to learn and use it.  We know our window of opportunity is small and we must take advantage of every opportunity to talk and expose them to language.  We know that those children who are successful in learning to talk have families that talk and talk about everything they do until they feel like you cannot possible say another word….. and then get up and do it again tomorrow!  So for sure, take those few moments to cuddle under the blankets and give smooches, then put those devices on ….and go back to cuddles.  With those devices on they will hear Mommy and Daddy say “I love my little baby!”.