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  • Called to ACTION

    “Strategic planning is an organization’s process of defining its strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy. It may also extend to control mechanisms […]

  • Singing Aids Preemies

    You may be aware of Mrs. Jeanette’s article on the use of songs for instructional purposes. Not only do songs aid in retention and memory recall, they simply are fun. […]

  • How to Talk to Your Dog

    If you visit Child’s Voice during the summer months—when school is on break, you may be greeted at the door by TOBY, my golden retriever. She loves sleeping in my […]

  • A New Take on Happy Hour

    The best appetizer if you’re trying to slim down? A heaping helping of happy thoughts! Cornell’s leading food researcher, Brain Wansink, PhD and colleagues found that being in a good […]

  • Sleep with the Fishes

    Here’s a health twist on that old Mafia threat: A new study says that having high brain levels of a fatty acid found in fish can help you sleep better. […]

  • What it takes to live to 100

    I recently read an article that held my attention, for quite some time… It shared that there are currently 70,000 centenarians (people who live to or beyond the age of […]

  • Who Does Your Toddler Obey

    At Child’s Voice we jokingly say ‘Be careful there’s something in the water’ meaning if you drink it you may end up pregnant. The Child’s Voice family has indeed grown, […]

  • The Positives of the Negatives

    At Child’s Voice we focus on positive reinforcement, saying, “Please walk,” not, “Don’t Run!” “Please keep your hands to yourself,” instead of, “Don’t touch.” With all this talk of the […]

  • Valentine’s Day Love Letters…

    PARENTS, Some may call it Old Fashion but don’t you believe it—especially since last Friday was Valentine’s Day, I’m talking about personal letters. Why not write to your child or […]

  • Simple Pleasures…What brings you Joy?

    Now that we are well into the month of January, I am reflecting on the past holiday. In my house, I go ‘full out’ decorating for Christmas. I decorate the […]


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