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  • Thanksgiving

    Now that the sugar rush of Halloween is over be mindful of the traps set out by Thanksgiving! A typical Thanksgiving dinner is 1,610 calories. The traditional Thanksgiving meal of […]

  • Parent Participation: How to Get Involved

    Your involvement in your child’s education is crucial. Research has shown when parents get involved in their children’s education, children are more likely to do better in school, be better […]

  • Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan

    What an exciting time of year! School is back in full swing. Early Intervention infants, toddlers and parents are busy in lessons. Dr. Dawn and Dr. Megan are busy in […]

  • It’s so important…

    Child’s Voice is approved by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) to provide specialized education for contracting school districts. We provide the education that school districts are not able […]

  • Four Ways… …to be a Better Listener

    At Child’s Voice, we are experts at teaching children with hearing loss auditory skill development and development of spoken language communication, in a nutshell how to LISTEN AND TALK. But […]

  • The Mark of a Champion

    The Mark of a Champion

    Go Hawks! Some of our students celebrating the win with Dr. Michele. Coming off the celebrations for our Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks and listening to all their speeches, made […]

  • Graduates and Transitions

    As Child’s Voice students, families and staff practice for our upcoming Recognition Ceremony on May 22, I ran across this article about transition and it truly resonated with me. Child’s […]

  • The Toy Hall of Fame

    The Toy Hall of Fame

    “With nothing more than a little imagination, boxes can be transformed into forts or house, spaceships or submarines, castles or caves. Inside a big cardboard box, a child is transported […]

  • March Madness!

    March madness means COLLEGE BASKETBALL to most, but to me it really means BUSY madness. How we arrived in March already is beyond me. What happened to January and February?? […]

  • Are You Fit?

    Use it or lose it…I’m referring to not just your physical health, but your brain power! Everyone knows what a fit body looks like, but fit brains, which don’t boast […]


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