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  • Lovin’ Literacy – November 2016

    Lovin’ Literacy – November 2016

    Here are some of our latest updates from the Lovin’ Literacy section of our e-newsletter.  Be sure to subscribe to the e-newsletter to receive these updates each month! Lovin’ Literacy […]

  • Lovin’ Literacy – March 2016

    Lovin’ Literacy – March 2016

    Literacy is About Reading All the Time! Literacy and reading is a significant focus for everyone at Child’s Voice. Staff  constantly asks how reading could be brought into speech activities, […]

  • Lovin’ Literacy – October 2015

    Lovin’ Literacy – October 2015

    Lovin Literacy Holidays are right around the corner, and for many that means a lot of family travel. From Scholastic Parents, here is a useful article: Six Books About Plane Travel, […]

  • Lovin’ Literacy – September 2015

    Lovin’ Literacy – September 2015

    Here is a great article about starting a Kids Book Club. Click here. As the weather starts to get cooler, Family Game Nights are a great way to gather together and […]

  • Lovin’ Literacy – May 2015

    Lovin’ Literacy – May 2015

    Strategies to Work on Unknown Words Tell your child to look at the picture. Tell your child to look for chunks in the word, such as “it” in “sit,” “all” […]

  • Lovin’ Literacy – April 2015

    Lovin’ Literacy – April 2015

    How Do I Fit In My 20 Minutes of Reading? Read during snack time. Keep books in the car. Set a time to read aloud to your children – even […]

  • Lovin’ Literacy – March 2015

    Lovin’ Literacy – March 2015

    Fun Ways to Incorporate Sight Words Make an extra set of cards and play memory. Hang up two sight words and race your child across the room to read the […]

  • Lovin’ Literacy – February 2015

    Lovin’ Literacy – February 2015

    Common Core Reading Standards Here is the 4th (and final) listing in this series about standards for reading skills. This area is Range of Reading and Level of Text Complexity.  […]


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