Brady&EverettAlumni Success Story


We read aloud to Brady when he was in the womb.  He was our first child, and like most parents, we were eager to maximize his development as early as possible  After all, that’s what the baby books said to do. We would later discover one thing that we just couldn’t have expected while we were expecting.

Brady was diagnosed with hearing loss at 14 months old.  He had somehow passed his newborn hearing screening. We had no idea that a whole year of auditory input was completely missed – laughter, praise, instruction and vocabulary, not to mention entire books from the

Chronicles of Narnia that were read to him in utero!

Shock turned to despair and then to fear. What would his future be like?

A friend from our church told us about Child’s Voice. You could say it was an answer to prayer.

“Child’s Voice changed our lives, not once, but twice.”

We were continually in awe of the expert staff at Child’s Voice – not only because of the rapid gains we saw in Brady’s speech development, but because of the way they surrounded our entire family with support, knowledge, and tools to equip us with at-home enrichment.

Last fall, our fourth son Everett was diagnosed with hearing loss at one week old.  Shock, despair and fear were quickly displaced by confidence, relief and hope (and yes, even excitement) – we knew that our Child’s Voice family would again be a prominent part of our life.

Child’s Voice changed our lives, not once, but twice. The teachers and staff do this every day. We choose to support Child’s Voice because we know our donations have a direct impact on children like ours, now and for their future.  There is not a doubt in our minds that Child’s Voice changed the trajectory of Brady and Everett’s lives.


Early on, we weren’t sure if Brady would ever talk.  Now he won’t stop.  Our boys’ lives are an audible witness to the Child’s Voice slogan – “you’ll be hearing from us.”