Being a Change Agent & Accepting Change

As educators and therapists everyone at Child’s Voice is an AGENT OF CHANGE. (Actually that sounds like a good super hero costume we could have worn on Halloween.) However, even for Change Agents like us CHANGE can be hard.

Change can be good, bad, and often both. As the seasons start to change, typically other things start to change too! Summer symbolizes a time for fun, relaxation, and vacation. With the start of fall, the summer routine ends as parents go back to full work weeks and kids start the school year. The change in routine as well as other changes that may be occurring in your life (i.e. starting a new job, having a baby, moving, or getting married) can all cause anxiety and stress. Actually all of these scenarios are happening right here at Child’s Voice.

Here are some tips to help ease some of the anxiety: (I gleamed the information from a recent magazine and thought these are pretty good points.)

  • Find out as much information about the change – typically the scariest part of change is the unknown.
  • Figure out what you CAN control – identify what parts are in your control and work on accepting what isn’t.
  • Celebrate the positive – we are so worried about the negative that we forget to take the time to celebrate the positive.
  • Set reasonable expectations to cope with the change – we all take time to adjust to new and/or different things, even if it is positive, so be sure to allow yourself a reasonable amount of time to cope.
  • Use coping skills – find things that help you to de-stress (i.e. journaling, exercising, and positive self-talk). When things are going well, we tend to forget the skills we have.
  • Seek support – remember you don’t have to go through this alone. Support can come from friends, family, doctors, teachers, therapists, etc.

Some key things to remember are to slow down, take one thing at a time, and communicate your feelings/needs/wants in appropriate ways. You are not alone. We tend to be creatures of habit. Growing pains are expected but know that this too shall pass.

“The secret of CHANGE is to focus all of your energy not fighting the old, but on building the new.”


Dr. Michele