IMG_0341We are so excited for our students to start back at school! The first day of school at Child’s Voice will be Wednesday, August 17th. We will kick off the school year with a Boo Hoo/Yahoo Breakfast. Click here for more information regarding this fun back-to-school breakfast.

For important dates for the upcoming year, check out our school calendar. Please make a copy and add the dates to your family calendar now.

Parents will get to meet their child’s classroom teacher during Curriculum Night on September 1st. All parents are required to participate.

A letter about your child’s classroom teacher and information about school fees (which cover school supplies, optional hot lunch and optional teacher appreciation) will be arriving in the mail shortly. These may also be purchased in the Child’s Voice store on our website.

All School Program and center-based E.I. families are required to enroll their child with us. You will either update your enrollment information or complete enrollment if you are new to the Program this year. This will also be on our website and information about that will be sent home too.

See you all soon!

Dr. Michele

P.s. Check out this great article on starting the school year off right!