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Hello From the Audiology Center!

Greetings from Drs. Dawn and Paige! We hope that you are all keeping well during these difficult times. From what we can tell most audiology clinics, including major hospitals, are closed to seeing patients in person. There are some situations that may be considered an emergency that require hands-on troubleshooting by an audiologist.  We want to let you know that we are available during this time to assist with troubleshooting or to answer any audiology related questions. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or troubleshooting issues

If you are having trouble with your child’s devices or have any troubleshooting questions, we would be more than happy to assist you in any way that we can. Please reach out via email first to inform us of the current issue. We will determine if a phone call or video chat is necessary based on the reported issue and attempt to guide you through troubleshooting at home. If we cannot troubleshoot via phone or video chat and we determine this is considered an emergency and something that can be fixed in person, we will schedule a time for you to drop off the devices at Child’s Voice and wait in your car while we troubleshoot in the building.

Dr. Dawn                     630 595 8200 x 2101

Dr. Paige                   630 595 8200 x 1331

Keep scrolling to find information about hearing aids, cochlear implants, and more.

We realize these times are difficult to navigate, but rest assured we are always here at the end of a phone line or video call to help you at any time.   We eagerly look forward to seeing your smiling faces very soon.

Be well!

Dr. Dawn and Dr. Paige


Phonak Troubleshooting for Hearing Aids

This website provides 4 basic steps for troubleshooting a hearing aid. If you follow these steps and your child’s hearing aid appears to still not be working, please contact one of us for further assistance.


Phonak Checking the Performance of your Child’s Hearing Aids

This short article provides tips to ensure your child’s hearing aids are functioning properly by checking both the hearing aids themselves and the earmold. It’s encouraged to perform a daily listening check of your child’s devices to ensure they are ready to take on the day!


Oticon Sensei Pro Troubleshooting Guide

Here you will find information about your child’s Sensei Pro hearing aids and basic troubleshooting information.


Oticon Support

Here you will find various links with information about how to take care of your child’s hearing aids.


Cochlear Device Support

This link will lead you to the Cochlear device support webpage. Click on the sound processor that your child is using to find more information about troubleshooting that specific device. You can also find answers to basic troubleshooting questions.


AB Tools for Schools

This link will lead you to a basic troubleshooting guide for the Naida sound processor. This webpage gives more information about what the parts of the processor are, basic troubleshooting, and what the blinking lights mean (i.e. green, red, etc).


AB Troubleshooting Guides

This website provides general device maintenance tips, as well as specific troubleshooting guides for each sound processor. Click on the link to the sound processor your child is using to find more information about troubleshooting that specific device. A few videos are included on the website for the Naida sound processors.

PDF versions of troubleshooting guides:

AB Troubleshooting Guide

Roger Pen Quick Guide

Roger Select Quick Guide

Naida CI Connect_TV Connector Quick Guide


RehAB Portal from Advanced Bionics

Get access to all of AB’s digital support resources online. Choose resources uniquely tailored for you in English or Spanish.



Med El Troubleshooting Guides

This website provides specific troubleshooting guides for each type of sound processor. Click on the sound processor your child is using to find more information about that specific sound processor.


If you need further assistance with troubleshooting your child’s cochlear implants, please contact the appropriate manufacturer.

Cochlear Customer Service: 1-800-523-5798

Advanced Bionics Customer Service: 1-877-829-0026

Med El Customer Service: 1-888-633-3524


Hearing Like Me

Hearing Like Me is a news and lifestyle website for those who have hearing loss. This website includes a variety of videos, articles, and blogs about various topics relating to hearing loss.