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Audiology is open and available to see children all year.  If you need to be seen for problems with devices, programming/mapping, or for a hearing test, please call the dedicated Audiology Center line at 630-741-4411. 

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A Note About the Remote Microphone (RM) System:

Dear families,

As you know, we are taking extra precautions to keep our students and staff members safe and healthy during this time. As part of our safety measures, every student and staff member is required to wear a mask at all times during the school day. While this is a great way to keep everyone safe and healthy, as audiologists, we have some concerns about how face masks can affect the volume and clarity of the teacher’s voice. Recent research has shown that by wearing masks, speech sounds can be decreased in volume as the teacher’s voice is blocked by the fabric of the mask, making speech harder to understand for the student.

We want our students to have the best access to sound possible. Therefore, we use a Remote Microphone (RM) system in classrooms. Using a RM system does require extra equipment that will attach to your child’s devices, which we will be requesting from their school districts. RM systems are made up of two parts: a receiver that will attach to your child’s hearing devices, and a transmitter/ microphone, which is worn by their teacher. As the teacher is speaking, their voice is picked up by the microphone and wirelessly sent to the child’s receivers.  The type of device (hearing aids or cochlear implants) your child uses will determine what additional parts are needed.  We will be reaching out to you soon to discuss your child’s equipment.

Research* has shown that RM systems can help improve a child’s access to their teacher’s voice by allowing the teacher’s voice to be heard louder than other background noise or environmental noises. Research has also shown that pairing a RM system with a face mask resulted in an increased understanding of speech, therefore eliminating the negative effects a face mask alone can have on speech understanding. Our audiology team, as well as your child’s teachers, will work together to ensure this system is working well for your child throughout the year!

If you would like to arrange a day and time to speak with us about this new addition to the school year, please feel free to contact us. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know!

Thank you!


*Goldin A, Weinstein BE, Shiman N. How do medical masks degrade speech perception? Hearing Review. 2020;27(5):8-9.

Rudge, A., Sonneveldt, V., Brooks, B. The Effects of Face Coverings and Remote Microphone Technology on Speech Perception in the Classroom. The Moog Center for Deaf Education. August 2020.

Stelmacovich, P. Roger versus non-adaptive remote microphones- What’s the difference? Phonak Audiology Blog. August 2020.


Device troubleshooting tips:

Advanced Bionics:

This website provides general device maintenance tips, as well as specific troubleshooting guides for each sound processor. Click on the link to the sound processor your child is using to find more information about troubleshooting that specific device. A few videos are included on the website for the Naida sound processors.

This link will lead you to a basic troubleshooting guide for the Naida sound processor. This webpage gives more information about what the parts of the processor are, basic troubleshooting, and what the blinking lights mean (i.e. green, red, etc).

Advanced Bionics Naida assembly (video)

Advanced Bionics Neptune no controller assembly (video)

Advanced Bionics Neptune with controller assembly (video)

AB Troubleshooting Guide (PDF version)

Naida CI Connect_TV Connector Quick Guide (PDF)

Access webinars produced by Advanced Bionics to learn more about AB’s technology. Get first-hand experiences from people who use and live with AB products and devices and the professionals who support them.

Advanced Bionics Customer Service: 1-877-829-0026



This link will lead you to the Cochlear device support webpage. Click on the sound processor that your child is using to find more information about troubleshooting that specific device. You can also find answers to basic troubleshooting questions.

Cochlear Kanso battery change (video)

Cochlear N7 assembly (video)

Cochlear Customer Service: 1-800-523-5798



Med El Rondo 2 charging (video)

Med El Sonnet 2 assembly with disposable batteries (video)

Med El Sonnet2 with rechargeable battery assembly (video)

This website provides specific troubleshooting guides for each type of sound processor. Click on the sound processor your child is using to find more information about that specific sound processor.

Med El Customer Service: 1-888-633-3524



Here you will find information about your child’s Sensei Pro hearing aids and basic troubleshooting information.

Here you will find various links with information about how to take care of your child’s hearing aids.



This website provides 4 basic steps for troubleshooting a hearing aid. If you follow these steps and your child’s hearing aid appears to still not be working, please contact one of us for further assistance.

This short article provides tips to ensure your child’s hearing aids are functioning properly by checking both the hearing aids themselves and the earmold. It’s encouraged to perform a daily listening check of your child’s devices to ensure they are ready to take on the day!

Roger Pen Quick Guide

Roger Select Quick Guide


Hearing Like Me

Hearing Like Me is a news and lifestyle website for those who have hearing loss. This website includes a variety of videos, articles, and blogs about various topics relating to hearing loss.