AmyBussaAmy is currently getting ready for fifth grade at Ardmore School in Villa Park.

Amy Bussa’s mom, Corinne, noticed that Amy wasn’t responding to spoken language at about 14 months.  After failing the newborn hearing screening and through much advocating by Amy’s mom, they found a new pediatrician.  With support from a new pediatrician and an ENT specialist, they were referred to Dr. Young at Children’s Memorial Hospital. Amy was diagnosed with profound hearing loss at 16 months.  After working with hearing aids for about three months, Amy was implanted in her right ear.  Her family was thrilled to see an instant reaction from Amy, who loved all the sounds around her.

Amy began at Child’s Voice immediately upon beginning the use of hearing aids.  She attended Child’s Voice from 2003-2007 and now attends Ardmore School in Villa Park.  She recently received an award for reading and achieved straight “A’s” all year long!  Now 10 years old, Amy is keeping very busy this summer with tae kwon do (she’s a black belt!), hockey and softball, as well as lots of summer fun!  She’s even volunteering at Child’s Voice and helping out in the Discovery Center once a week this summer.  She loves to interact with the kiddos!

“She learned confidence, how to listen, how to speak… She made friendships that she’ll have for the rest of her life…”

Amy shared that, “Child’s Voice will always be my favorite place!  I made great friends and learned a lot!” She’s still sees her best friend from school, Max Savitt on a regular basis.

Amy’s mom, Corinne, is one of our great staff members and has helped with the School Program as an aide for four years.  She couldn’t wait to get back to Child’s Voice after seeing, as a parent, what an impact it had on the life of a child with hearing loss.

“Without Child’s Voice I don’t think Amy would be anywhere near as successful as she is now. She learned confidence, how to listen, how to speak AND how to focus on what she’s working on.  She made friendships that she’ll have for the rest of her life because the kids at Child’s Voice work together and share a common experience, hearing loss.”  Corinne shared that every problem Amy went through, she was able to learn from the older children that had been through that experience and she can help the younger children with those same issues. “The opportunity of coming in to help at Child’s Voice has been amazing.  She’s able to see where she had been.  It’s such a miraculous place; you see miracles here every day.”