Alumni Success Story – Meet Mia

Child’s Voice Alumna Elected to Student Council

We are so proud of Mia, a 2015 Child’s Voice graduate!  She is now a 4th grader at Romona Elementary School in Wilmette.  She was elected to her school council by submitting the following letter to her schoolmates:

I am interested in Student Council because I want to serve my school to make it even better! For example, I can help with making up fun activities and spirits, help with assemblies, and I like to share my 4 years of experience at Romona with other students.  As someone who wears hearing aids with a hearing loss in both ears, I want to be a role model for other students with disabilities to get involved with student activities.  Student Council will hopefully help me to be a respectful leader.
I plan to accomplish the following:
Help with posters, school store during recess, and collect donations for Romona school. I can, also, help with planning what the money collected should be spent on – for example, have a magician, comedian, or book author to visit our school.  I think I’d be a good choice for Student Council because I am a good listener, and think I have lots of creative ideas.  I also like Romona school very much and this is my last year, so I would like to volunteer and give back what I learned at Romona.

(Pictured with her teacher, Ms. Martin)

Congratulations, Mia!  We are excited to hear about your Student Council adventures.