We recently received this note from an alumni mother.  Frankie is a 2017 graduate of Child’s Voice and started his mainstream schooling last week.  It is always heart-warming to hear these stories.  Way to go Frankie, we are so proud of you!  Here’s a note from his mom…

Hello Ladies!

I just wanted to say thank you for preparing myself and Frankie for the mainstream!

Yesterday we had an in service in his classroom where we talked to the kids about Frankie’s hearing loss, hearing aids, and fm system. He used his self advocacy book from last year, he read it and explained it all to his classmates. He was so confident! A little quiet, but responded to every question. It was truly a proud moment for me. But I know without everyone’s help at Child’s Voice we would have not been able to do it. This includes those parent advocacy training classes for parents, because I as well was prepared to show the kids in a fun way! 

I am truly hoping this confidence and eagerness lasts all of third grade and beyond 🙂

Again THANK YOU!!!