Meet Liam, a shining voice and graduate of Child’s Voice! We love to share examples of our alumni successes…and Liam is certainly one of those!Liam and friends at Child's Voice Golf Tournament, all alumni success stories of Child's Voice.

Here is a quick update on Liam from his family, but the really exciting piece is hearing Liam in the video below shared by Medill Reports Chicago from Northwestern University. Click here for that full article.


Liam is about to finish his first grade year at Hawthorne Elementary school ไวอากร้าสําหรับผู้หญิง ราคา.  He’s had a really fun year, making new friends, reading lots of books and enjoying getting to sleep in now that it doesn’t take a long bus ride to get to school.  Right now he’s taking a karate class at the park district and he’s looking forward to swim lessons and playing on his new trampoline this summer.  He’s also excited to go to Los Angeles and talk to some teachers of the deaf at the John Tracy Clinic in July.

Liam says he misses his teachers and friends at Child’s Voice very much.  He was so thankful to have been able to go to a school where everyone was so kind and caring, and he hopes to be able to get together with some of his old Child’s Voice buddies this summer.