One Alumni Story

Our alumni are very generous with sharing of their time and energy to tell their stories. Thank you.  We are fortunate, that TWO of our fantastic alumni shared their stories at our Family Reunion last month.

One of our graduate speakers and his family.Even better…we have a video of one of the graduates, Danny and his speech.  We thank both our Family Reunion speakers, Danny and Mark David for sharing their exciting times at Child’s Voice and where they are now.

To view the video of Danny speaking, please CLICK HERE.

This is just one of our fantastic graduates.  And each story comes together to help create the success of Child’s Voice.  We invite all our graduates to share their stories both at our events and online, featured in this blog.

Alumni Graduating

A special congratulations to the Class of 2016!  Both the Child’s Voice graduates that will be celebrating at the Recognition Ceremony on May 19th and the Child’s Voice graduates celebrating high school and college graduations!  We are excited to hear that our alumni will be attending many prestigious universities and colleges this fall!  Some of these are Baylor, Butler, Lewis, College of DuPage, Illinois State and more.  To all our college students and soon-to-be college students, please remember to get a pennant from your school so we can honor your accomplishments at Child’s Voice on our Honor Wall.

We are always excited to hear about our alumni and their success.  Their achievements are made through hard work from both the student and their families.  The early educational foundation they received at Child’s Voice has laid the building blocks for reaching their dreams!  We cannot wait to hear from each of our alumni on all their successes.  We often say, “…You’ll be hearing from us.”

To all our graduates, from 5 years old to 22 years old, we want to hear from you too!