IMG_9185As always, Child’s Voice is so proud of our alumni that have graduation from our Programs. They continue to succeed using the tools gained during their time at Child’s Voice. Aashman Mittal is one of the many success stories about which we are pleased to continue to brag!

Aashman (Class of 2014) has had a unique adventure with his hearing loss. At four years old, Aashman and his parents learned that Aashman had severe to profound hearing loss. He started with hearing aids for almost one year and finished Kindergarten in his mainstream school. During his Kindergarten year, his family learned about Child’s Voice during a playdate. They immediately decided to visit Child’s Voice to learn more about the Program.

Aashman says attending Child’s Voice is one of the BEST things that happened to him. Once finishing his Kindergarten in his home school district, Aashman attended first grade and half of second grade at Child’s Voice before returning to his mainstream school. While at Child’s Voice, Aashman received his first implant on his right ear in November 2012 and the second one in July 2013.

IMG_7230He is now 10 years old and is in the fourth grade at Virginia Lake School in Palatine. His transition to his mainstream school was pretty smooth as he was already familiar with it. Aashman’s mainstream teachers describe him as “…a bright and happy student who is engage and focused on his studies. He has a wonderful sense of humor and is always observed laughing with his friends in the hallway.” Most importantly, Aashman is confident with his hearing loss and will advocate for himself in any listening situation.

In school, he is one smart cookie. He is above grade level in most subjects and is even in an advanced math class. Outside of school, he loves all sorts of outdoor activities, music, movies, sports, and reading.

Good luck, Aashman, and the rest of the Child’s Voice alumni with the upcoming school year!