Family Reunion Recap

Many graduates attended the Family Reunion. Five years ago, current and alumni families of Child’s Voice expressed interest in an event where they could come together and catch up on what students have been doing since their time at Child’s Voice. Now in its fifth year, the Family Reunion has continued to grow into a large get-together of alumni families as well as an opportunity for current families to see the endless possibilities for Child’s Voice graduates.

On Saturday April 16th, over 200 members of the Child’s Voice family gathered in Elmhurst for the Child’s Voice Family Reunion. Jenny Ashworth, mother of an alumna, recapped this memorable day by saying, “…even though the majority of students and their families that attended the Reunion were from yGraduates and students sang along with Mrs. Jeanette.ears after Paige [Class of 2001], it was still great to see Christina, her family, staff that were there while Paige was a student and just to see the success of so many kids. I was surprised to get a bit emotional when I walked in… sure brought back memories!”

Mrs. Jeanette who is leaving Child’s Voice after 19 years to be closer to her family, made a simple request that all families try to attend the Family Reunion so she can get photos with all the graduates. The Child’s Voice family exceeded all expectations in fulfilling this request!

Current students had fun at the Family Reunion.Principal Wendy noted, “It was remarkable to see so many of our students and graduates, some from over 15 years ago to those that just graduated last year. What an awesome opportunity to reconnect with everyone.” This year’s Family Reunion really embodied the uniqueness of Child’s Voice.

We had a delicious lunch catered by Events by Tommy R’s
and enjoyed the talents of Kidz Magic. There was face painting, temporary tattoos, and of course #SmileyCV20 was there to see everyone too. Two guest speakers, both from the class of 2011, displayed skills gained at Child’s Voice when they spoke to the large crowd, a feat that most adults are uncomfortable doing. Danny Stratis described how his time at Child’s Voice gave him confidence to be successful at his home school. Mark David Wood shared his love of reading with a book recommendation and entertained the crowd with a number of jokes.

One of our graduate speakers and his family. Dr. Michele proudly said, “These students, these speakers, are the ultimate example of the magic that happens at Child’s Voice. I was so pleased to see all our graduates, families, and current families there… having a great time and sharing in their stories.”Many graduates attended the Family Reunion.

Towards the end of the event, Mrs. Jeanette reminded everyone of just how much she changed each child’s life with the activities and songs taught in the Learning Center. There was not a dry eye in the room after she led the group in singing the Child’s Voice Song. It was a great keepsake of the journey that each student has been on.

Thank you to everyone for attending! We hope you had as much fun as we did celebrating Child’s Voice! We’d love to hear your thoughts about the event by taking this short survey or emailing the Advancement Team. Hope to see everyone again soon!