Dozens of Child’s Voice alumni gathered together in May.  These graduates, all former students at Child’s Voice, enjoyed a day of games, food, and the chance to reconnect with former classmates and fellow alumni.

Child’s Voice helps children with hearing loss learn to listen and speak. Students wear hearing aids and/or cochlear implants and programs use a child-focused, research-based curriculum, all with the end goal of transitioning graduates back to their neighborhood schools.

The Alumni Board, formed last fall, has hosted multiple social gatherings for alumni. Led by alumna, Haley Drucker, Class of 2003, this group has gained over 20 graduates across high school and college ages. 

“It has been incredible to see the graduates return and reconnect with each other,” stated Dr…ericka-viagra/. Michele Wilkins, Child’s Voice Executive Director. “First, seeing all the students as young adults is wonderful. Hearing about their success in school, their activities, and their general excitement about life is fantastic.  Second, seeing them come together and share their experiences of when they were at Child’s Voice, and also in their current academic and social lives is really something special. They are building friendships and bonds that will last a lifetime. We’re so proud of all our alumni and we love hearing from them.”

The Alumni Board plans to have four social events each year for Child’s Voice graduates. For more information, please contact Child’s Voice at or (630) 595-8200.  Child’s Voice is a nonprofit organization. These events are funded through private fundraising efforts and generous individual contributions. To donate to future alumni events, please visit: