KingMichele King, Secretary
Gallagher Risk Management Services

Michele King is well aware of the impact deafness can make on a person. Several of her family members are deaf and when Michele visited the school, she knew she wanted to be involved and a part of the organization.

Since 2010, Michele has been a part of the Board of Directors and committees. She is passionate about the students at Child’s Voice and ensuring they have the same opportunities as a hearing child.

Aside from her involvement at Child’s Voice, Michele is an Area Vice President and Producer in Property and Casualty Insurance at Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services. Gallagher is one of the largest risk management companies in the world. She works primarily with small to medium sized companies. Michele also loves to cook and practices yoga.

She and Steven, her husband reside in Elgin. Michele has two adult children, James and Kara, as well as a miniature pincher, Rudy.

Thank you Michele for all you do on the Child’s Voice Board of Directors!