Lynk-8739Julie Lynk
Business Development Consultant

Child’s Voice is very close to Julie’s heart. Julie’s daughter Clara attended Child’s Voice School Program after first learning about it when Clara was two years old. For Julie’s family, the school and the teachers were unmatched by any other option available for oral communication.  Julie and her husband, Mike, quickly recognized that the nurturing program was unique and truly special.  She was active as a parent volunteer during the years at Child’s Voice, working with the Parents and Alumni Association as an alumni parent, and continues to support the school through special events and sponsorships.

For twelve years, Julie was with Automatic Data Processing as a District Manager with increasing responsibilities to Sales Executive. She was a Business Development Manager with Arthur Andersen for four years and with Deloitte for two and a half years. She has also done some independent business development consulting with non-profits.

Now, most of Julie’s time is spent raising three children and managing schedules, logistics, and finances for all home affairs. She is currently coordinating a wide spectrum of volunteer programs in her local community and offers developmental direction to her parish school. This includes several parish service outreach programs, including a monthly soup kitchen, and serving on a committee for a recent transformation/strategic plan. She also directs fundraising for several non-for-profits in her community.

Julie and her husband live in the northern suburbs with their family. Julie says that Clara is doing great in her new mainstream school environment, thanks to the skills and opportunities she had at Child’s Voice. In her spare time, Julie enjoys tennis and golf with friends and family, spending time in Minnesota with family, and attending her children’s sporting or school events.

Julie’s commitment to the Board comes from when Clara was first diagnosed with hearing loss. She and her husband didn’t know where to turn but quickly learned that Child’s Voice was their best option. The family loves how knowledgeable the staff is and is grateful for the network of parents all facing similar situations. The Lynk family is truly thankful for the ongoing support from Child’s Voice.

Thank you to Julie and the entire Lynk family for their continued support of and dedication to Child’s Voice!