Pergament_photo_Mar2013Deborah Pergament, Esq.
Children’s Law Group

Deborah was no stranger to Child’s Voice prior to joining the Board of Directors.  As a lawyer, Deborah had interacted with many and learned about our programs through her representation of families that were pursuing education for their children with hearing loss.  Through her work, Deborah sees firsthand many schools and programs throughout the year and she feels that Child’s Voice is a, “model of a school that is child-centered and provides a program that is research-based and effective.”

Her commitment to families and children with hearing loss is evident through her dedicated work and involvement at Child’s Voice. Deborah currently serves at the Managing Attorney of Children’s Law Group, LLC and is also a Clinical Instructor at the DePaul University College of Law.

When not championing for children with hearing loss, Deborah can be found playing the cello, gardening, cooking, reading or running.  Deborah has a very close knit family of relatives and friends and she has spread her love enthusiasm for Child’s Voice to all of them and encouraged their involvement with our programs and special events.  We’re grateful for her family’s dedication and support of our mission!

Deborah resides in Chicago with her two standard poodles, Cecily and Milly who, “earn their keep,” as Client Support Canines at Children’s Law Group.

Thank you Deborah for all you do for children and families with hearing loss and Child’s Voice