Cathy Jareczek, Senior Surety Counsel


Child’s Voice means the world to the Jareczek family.  Cathy and her husband Jim first learned of Child’s Voice in 2001 when their son Luke was an infant and diagnosed with hearing loss.  At a time full of questions and uncertainty, Child’s Voice provided hope, answers, and a clear plan.  Luke joined the Early Intervention Program at Child’s Voice in 2003 and graduated from the School Program in 2007.  Luke mainstreamed in first grade with his siblings, Mark and Jessica, and all three have been thriving ever since.

Cathy was active as a parent volunteer while Luke was enrolled at Child’s Voice and the Jareczek family and friends have been consistent supporters of Child’s Voice.   In fact, Luke’s uncle has made supporting Child’s Voice really fun by hosting an annual Cubs outing.  Luke enjoys volunteering at Child’s Voice summer school program and enjoys being a member of the Child’s Voice Alumni Board.

Cathy is an attorney who began her career in private practice specializing in surety and general litigation matters.  In 2009, Cathy joined CNA Surety and now provides legal and regulatory advice to the CNA Surety group.  CNA Surety is an industry leader, and Cathy is thankful to CNA Surety for its consistent and generous support of Child’s Voice.

Cathy & Jim are so grateful to Child’s Voice for helping Luke develop strong listening, speaking, and self-advocacy skills.  “Child’s Voice provides a remarkable learning environment where students in addition to learning reading, writing, and arithmetic, also learn self-reliance and develop confidence,” shared Cathy.  “In a short period of time, Child’s Voice leaves an indelible mark on its students and their families.”

Cathy is honored to serve on the Child’s Voice Board of Directors.  Cathy will work to ensure that Child’s Voice continues to thrive and that children with hearing loss are afforded the opportunity to attend Child’s Voice and to develop to their fullest potential.