When I was younger my mother worked in our local library. She was an avid reader and passed the love of books and reading on to me and my siblings. In fact my brother majored in English Literature in college. In any case, my mother would bring home used books from the library’s book sale. As a special treat she would crochet one of the story’s characters to accompany the book, which in most cases were animals. I still have the book, At Mary Bloom’s by Aliki. It’s a story about a little girl and her pet mouse. I use the crochet mouse today as a pin cushion! I also had finger puppets to most books—one of my favorites is the nursery rhyme 5 Little Monkey’s jumping on the bed. Such cute monkey’s for each finger! The addition of the homemade toy just brought the story to life for me and I would read the book over and over.Dr.SeussImage

Yes, I do think my mom was a superhero and I credit my mother for what Kohl’s department store now sells. They typically have a book with a stuffed animal. If by chance you have missed this, check it out. One of my favorite authors is Dr. Seuss. Come to my office and you will see an array of animals which correlate to his books.

At Child’s Voice, the students work diligently, learning and expanding their vocabulary. Research shows there is a high correlation between vocabulary knowledge and text comprehension. Families should provide extensive exposure to both written and oral language to their children. Reading aloud, storytelling and pretend play are all activities that are essential for vocabulary growth.

Start this school year off by dedicating time daily to reading and sharing books. Ask your librarian or classroom teacher for a book list by age. Our friends at HearingFirst.org recently shared this list of “LSL by the Season: School Days,” reading suggestions. Check it out!

Go to your library and get a library card with your child! How exciting is that?!

Warmest Regards,

Dr. Michele